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"I'm a Gilmour fan and I know when I hear someone who can play with the same feel as the God Gilmour himself. His Tabs are like keys to the universe."

"One of the best I've listened to this year! Thank you for your music!!!!!!"

"The bands interpretation of the song is pure genius!"

"It took me 3 years to find the PERFECT TABS for Sultans of Swing Alchemy Live.......and I guess the BEST of things always come to ones who wait. And it was totally worth it.

'Thank you ,goodnight now its time to go home'..... and play the tabs provided by Mr. Fletcher!

Thanks a ton, Mr. Fletcher!!!!!!"

"I have watched your Gilmour Pulse solo about 200 times. I studied just about everyone on YouTube doing this and no one comes remotely close to you. If one day someone asks me who influenced me, I'd say it was Steve Fletcher."

"I have only just found Steve's content but am already left wanting more.

I have enjoyed learning many juicy riffs/licks thanks to his tutorials and tabs.

Thanks again Steve."

"Great Steve Fletcher, very nice guy, thoughtful and excellent guitar player! Tks for the MK Tab!"

"Steve is awesome. Completely chilled out and tailors lessons for you. He's instantly seen where I'm at and where I want to go with playing. He is working with me on what I need to improve.

Crucially, if your natural style isn't "textbook" he'll help you develop your natural style rather than trying to stifle you. Massive recommendation!!"

"Steve is a kind guy! Asked for tabs to learn Dire Straits songs and these were amazing! Almost a 100% copy of the original!! Also a great guitarist"

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