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Geeky T-Shirts!

Welcome to my first blog post! Yes writing about T-Shirts might seem like a peculiar start to my Blog but I've never 'done' any blogging before so I thought it would be best to keep things light for this first one! I can rant, rave and have general wild opinions about the weightiest of weighty subjects with the best of them, but like a true contrary human being I also love talking rubbish with my family and friends....

And so, to business....

I don't keep myself abreast of fashion but I do generally try to dress like I mean it, i.e. you'll rarely catch me slobbing around the house in sweats. And my two main areas of joy when it come to the clothes that I wear are....

1) Easily noticeable shirts - I have tried to start the hashtag #steveshirts before now - and anyone who has caught sight of the vast majority of my YouTube videos and Instragram posts will have been able to bask in the full glory of these beautiful garments. On more than one occasion I've been approached by total strangers who have commented, positively of course, on my shirts. The most recent of these encounters was at a petrol station where I was standing at the pump, doing what you do, and the lovely lady opposite leaned over and said "Can I just say, your shirt is a thing of beauty!" At the time I was suffering with day three of my AstraZeneca hangover (GET VACCINATED PEOPLE!) and so this little ego boost was much needed. And, of course, I had no choice but to document the encounter on Instagram

Now, where was I?? Oh, yes.....

2) Geeky T-shirts. And so we arrive at the very point of my first blog. The joy that I get from geeky t-shirts. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't wear BAND t-shirts. Which might strike your eye, dear reader, as slightly odd. Surely I of all people, a "professional musician", should choose to show solidarity with my favourite bands by wearing their logos proudly on my chest? No? NO!

I'm quite content to admit that I'm wrong in my thinking that there's just something a bit 'Star Wars fandom-esque' about band t-shirts. No offense to anyone who owns and regularly wears such items but I just don't get it. I don't know I can't really explain it - and I have no wish to upset anyone who loves their favourite Pink Floyd t-shirt - but I just don't like them: the t-shirts that is. Pink Floyd I absolutely adore! Hang on, I'm getting sidetracked again!

Did I already mention that I was a bit contrary? Yes? Good. Because even I can't reconcile the idea that I'm about to discuss.

No, I don't like or 'do' band t-shirt. They're a level of geek-i-ness and fandom that I just don't go in for. Again, no offense.

But.....and let me once again acknowledge that there is no explaining the contradiction between my not wearing band t-shirts because of a them being too geeky compared to the kind of t-shirts that I love myself, but here goes.....

The kind of t-shirts that I love are the ones that make subtle references to things - mostly music and bands - that only people 'in the know' would understand. For instance, take a look at this t-shirt.....

That is the t-shirt belonging to a sports team. And I've just realized whilst typing this that I don't know which sports team, apart from knowing they're from San Francisco. I don't actually know who they are or what they do! Let me just take a little writing break to Google them.....ah yes, it's the t-shirt for American football team the San Francisco 49ers. Why am I wearing it? A t-shirt of a sports team that I know nothing about? Have you guess it? Me, wearing a t-shirt with "SF" on it.....No? Really? They're my INITIALS of course!

Would someone who doesn't know me put that connection together? No, of course not.

Would a San Francisco 49ers fan see the t-shirt and immediately deduce I'm a fan of said team? Yep, probably.

Do people who know my initials are SF realize that's why I'm wearing this t-shirt? Again, yep, probably!

And yes, you've now been given an insight into the level of geeky ridiculousness that is my T-shirt preference!!!

Incidentally the inspiration for owning the above t-shirt came from the fact that, whilst I don't own any Pink Floyd t-shirts, I DO own a replica of the Gilmour Academy t-shirt that David Gilmour wore in 1972. ( ) And I'd been on the look out for quite some time for something similar that would apply to me and my OTT geeky sensibilities. The Eureka moment came on a trip to London - to support my beautiful sisters in their attempts to run a London half marathon - and across the field of supporters I saw this very t-shirt on another gentleman. I surreptitiously took a photo of it and posted it to my Facebook page asking if anyone knows who the logo belonged to and voila....The rest is history.

If you'd like to see me expand my collection of stupid t-shirts then please check out my most recent VLOG - Video Blog - on my YouTube Page.....

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