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T   h   e       B   r   e   a   d   e   d      C   h   u   r   c   h   m   a   n

Sometime during the 2021 Covid 19 Lockdown I had an idea to create some new music. Actually, it was a rather silly idea to try and write and record and album of original material in just a month - I didn't manage this! But what I did manage to do was sow the seeds for a new musical outlet. The beginnings of these songs are almost all done on acoustic guitar with additional instruments added on top.

I guess you could call it Acoustic/Folk/Rock but I do generally hate labelling genres onto music. I mean what does "Rock" even mean? To me, it's like saying "I live in a house." What does that actually tell you? Anyway, enough ranting - maybe I'll save this for a future BLOG post....

I am currently still working on the debut album for this project - named "PLEASE DON'T FIGURE ME OUT". I have been steadily releasing tracks, as they're completed, onto my Bandcamp page. Once I'm happy that they're all 'done' I'll be setting a pre-order for the physical CD - STAY TUNED!

And so that only leaves one question: why "THE BREADED CHURCHMAN"? I have quite a few things already labelled as "Steve Fletcher". I have my Tuition, YouTube Page, Steve Fletcher & The Angels of Mercy, Steve Fletcher Guitar World.....and so on. I just thought it would be a bit of a giggle to label this as an alter ego. The name "The Breaded Churchman" came about via a text message misspell - don't you just love those? - and it was quite serendipitous so there it is.

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